Pattern match

Pattern match technology uses images to distinguish the good parts from the bad ones. Once the image is registered, the brightness and shape of the part are used to automatically determine the target features to be inspected during operation. The image-based method provides reliable detection of bad parts in a batch when it is difficult to determine something like that using conventional detection sensors based on light intensity.

In other words, the sensor works with the corresponding images. The image of the reference object is saved and the sensor receives information about shape, contrast and brightness. To detect a bad product, the details of the captured image are automatically compared with the reference image and the degree of similarity of characteristics is calculated. By matching the samples based on the image, high stability in detection can be achieved, which is hardly possible with conventional multi-purpose sensors.

This method registers even:

  • objects whose position varies
  • objects that are dirty or are
  • same color as the background

Pattern match technology is used in a wide range of industries: from the automotive, metal and electrical components industries to the food, pharmaceutical and many others.

With the help of the Pattern match sensor, you can easily detect even bad parts that cannot be identified by other methods.

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