SIC Marking E-touch

The e-touch portable marking system allows the identification of parts using dot peen technology. This process ensures reliable and unalterable marking directly into the material. The marking (text, logo, 2D Data Matrix code and QR Code) is defined by a succession of dots produced by a tungsten carbide stylus mounted in an electromagnetic striker assembly.


The e-touch incorporates a colour touch screen that offers user-friendly icon-based programming. The ergonomic and fluid interface allows two-handed programming just like a smartphone. Its touch screen can also be used with or without gloves, making it perfectly suited for use in an industrial environment. The SEE&MARK function, a 1:1 full scale viewing window, allows you to preview the marking exactly as it will be applied to the part.


The e-touch integrates its controller and touch screen and does not require an additional case to carry. Weighing less than 2kg and with a small footprint of 220 x 210 x 125mm, the e-touch is the most compact and lightweight dot peen marking portable on the market. Nevertheless, it is very robust and rigid thanks to its internal metal structure. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle and an excellent weight balance, offering outstanding manoeuvrability.


The e-touch has 3 front plates that allow it to adapt to the numerous marking configurations. The standard front plate, specially designed for marking flat parts or cylinders. The magnetic front plate is perfectly adapted to the marking of metal parts.

Finally, the adjustable reduced front plate can be used for marking small parts, recesses or difficult to access areas. The versatility offered by these 3 different front plates allows it to mark a large majority of customer parts without the need for a column, which often proves to be cumbersome and impractical when you are looking for the mobility of a portable system.

The great novelty of the front plate is their fixing system. This is done using a magnetic system that is unique on the market and allows you to change from one side to the other very quickly.