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For over 50 years, Danish company HOVMAND has supported companies in the manual handling of materials and resources across a wide range of industries. With its mobile, battery-powered lifting equipment, they make production and warehouse processes more efficient, improving workflows and making employees happier. This is because with their innovative and highly customisable lifting solutions, there is always reliable help at hand. Support at the right place at the right time protects the health of your employees, promotes satisfaction and productivity and maximises occupational safety in your company.


Handling packaging film on rolls can pose a health risk to employees in the packaging or shipping departments. The rolls must be lifted from a pallet, transported to the packaging machine and finally assembled above the ground or above shoulder level. Without help, this becomes hard work several times a day.

We can provide HOVMAND roll handling devices which are customised to your packaging line and local circumstances for the entire process. The employees can utilise these devices to effortlessly overcome the challenge of exchanging the foil of any type of roll weighing up to 300 kg without harming the body. The roll handling device enables a pallet to be conveniently driven under it so that the roll can be lifted up and raised flexibly – no matter how they are positioned on the pallet. You can utilise larger roll and thereby also avoid downtimes with a Hovmand mobile lift.


The very varied drums are mostly stored on pallets. With a Hovmand mobile drum lifter, you can easily drive under it, pick up the drum with the electric grabbing tool,° , the barrel gripper on the outside and remove it from the pallet. This is done without any effort on the part of the user with the drum lifter, as the grabbing tool and the lifting process are° easily controlled with a remote control unit.

The barrel lifter takes over the complete task of gripping, lifting and carrying the barrels. If the load is clamped in the gripper, then it can be moved to the production line and/or to the desired location. The mobile lifter functions like a combination of° barrel trolley and a barrel turner.


Continuous bending to remove goods from crates, cartons or boxes quickly causes back pain and promotes long-term musculoskeletal damage. Modern lifting aids and/or crate grippers are also suitable forloading racking systems in a way which is gentle on your body. Cartons can be pushed directly from the pallet onto a platform which is assembled on the hoist lift and raised so that working in an upright position is possible. If the goods are packed in crates, then you can pick them up with a fork which is secured on the hoist lift and move them to the desired height.


Employees must regularly lift heavy car tires in car repair shops as well as in tire factories. When the wheels are removed from the car, it is necessary to transport them to the warehouse. Here, the mechanic collects a new set of tires and takes them back to the workshop, where the new tires are mounted on the vehicle. This procedure happens several times a day and poses a great risk to all employees involved in the process. In the long run, it can even cause serious damage to the spine. A specific car tire lifting device helps reduce the risk of injury while maximizing workflow efficiency.


Employees in commercial kitchens, bakeries and other productions within the food industry have to handle large metal containers for the transfer of raw materials on a daily basis. Lifting such heavy loads not only impairs the physical health of workers – but can also increase the amount of product loss when the contents are constantly spilled. To avoid such risks, you can rely on mobile devices designed specifically for transporting heavy industrial containers. Mobile lifting devices help staff lift, move, turn and tilt large steel containers without compromising health and losing raw materials.