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Easy to operate and maintain, the Touch Dry® Markem Imaje 5800 large character printer produces high-resolution 100% readable text, logos and GS1-128 barcodes, on corrugate, films, and polystyrene.

Your challenges

You need a high-contrast inkjet coder for text, logos and barcodes. Your coding needs to be done cost-effectively, producing codes that never bleed or fade. You have many print jobs or labels to manage, and you may even need to use multiple colors on a single line. Therefore, Markem Imaje 5800 piezo is perfect for you.

Our solutions

Markem-Imaje 5800 Touch Dry high resolution piezo  is the perfect coder for modern production lines. It produces high-contrast, highly scannable barcodes on a range of substrates. Its high-density Touch Dry ink achieves C-grade GS1-128 marking with minimal downtime, lower cost and less mess than labels. With inks that are solvent-free and safe, the Piezo 5800 can also help reduce your environmental footprint.

Key benefits

A compact controller box makes the printer ideal for limited floor space. With piezo printer technology, expect higher code volumes: up to 121 meters of coding per minute ranging from 65mm in height to 3000mm in length. Eight print densities are available using the four adjustable Intelli’Wax printheads, and you can use up to 4 different colors of ink on the same line. With the 5800 you can refill ink while the coder is in use, improving productivity. A simple menu structure and an easy-to-use touch screen provide effortless integration and operation, while our CoLOS job creation and data management system allows you to centrally manage prints and ensure consistency and traceability across your lines.