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NEW: Markem-Imaje large character 5940 G

5940 G prints GS1-128 compliant codes with a grade of C or better, on corrugated cardboard and trays with fresh produce, beverages, meat products, confectionery and many other foods. Precise printing on polystyrene for frozen food and shrink wrap for use on pallets …


Markem-Imaje large character 5800

Easy to operate and maintain, the Touch Dry® Markem Imaje 5800 large character printer produces high-resolution 100% readable text, logos and GS1-128 barcodes, on corrugate, films, and polystyrene.


Markem-Imaje large character 5400

5400 high resolution, large character inkjet printer combined with our Touch Dry® Hot Melt inks deliver superior print quality and consistency on corrugate cases, trays and wrapping films…


Markem-Imaje large character 5400 FG

5400 FG is specially engineered to produce high resolution, high quality images at high speed using patented, edible wax-based Markem-Imaje Touch Dry® Hot Melt inks….