Markem-Imaje large character high resolution 5940 Ink jet printer

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The 5940 high-resolution ink jet printer represents the next generation of Touch Dry® Hot Melt technology. Superior coding print quality for corrugated cardboard and foils. Markem-Imaje Touch Dry® Hot Melt inks are solvent-free and environmentally safe. Codes and images never leak or fade, are dry to the touch and give 100% readable codes. Complies with GS1 standard.

The solution is applicable to all materials. It can be used on secondary packaging for fresh products, food and beverages, meat, confectionery, frozen food, and even shrink film for pallet shipments. It can also print on porous surfaces, including fabrics and nonwoven materials.

67% faster warm-up time to improve flow. Users can choose from one to four print heads depending on the complexity of printing.

5940 ink jet printer has an ink tank that is 75% larger than the capacity of other solutions and can reduce the need for operator intervention as much as 43%. Ink containers can be replaced while production is still in progress, again reducing downtime. In addition, the solution is designed to provide easy access to internal components, and parts can be replaced in an average of 15 minutes.