Markem-Imaje SmartLase c600

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Your challenges

You need permanent high-quality coding for your PET bottles, glass, labels, confectionery labels, flexible films, inked paper/carton, coated metals and other packaging materials. You, also, need a printer that is rugged, safe, easy-to-install and while lowering your operating expenses.

Our solutions

The SmartLase® C600 CO2 laser coder delivers superb code quality and more power for high-speed applications, even with increasing code complexity of 1D and 2D codes, all in an easy-to-integrate and easy-to-operate industrial grade unit.

Key benefits

The SmartLase C600 CO2 laser coder is rugged, safe and ready for anything. Power up your packaging line and bring down your costs.

• Clean, readable and traceable-even at the highest line speeds and product throughput.
• Laser codes are permanent providing indelible marks that protect against counterfeiting
• No added costs for consumables or external cooling means you gain higher line efficiency and lower operating expenses.
• The SmartLase C600 is clean, sustainable, compliant and virtually maintenance-free.
• Designed for the most challenging manufacturing environments with complete IP55 controller and printhead.
• The SmartLase C600 is Industry 4.0 optimized variety of industrial interfaces such as Ethernet/IP,  PROFINET, NGPCL and full-featured CoLOS® software support and meets the highest standard of safety for E-stop and interlock circuits per ISO 13849-1 / Ple.