Hand held laser L-MOOV

Sometimes when you have very heavy or large parts to mark, it is easier to move the laser onto the part than the part onto the laser.

This is why SIC MARKING Group has developed a new hand held laser marking system L-MOOV.

L-MOOV is a safe, intuitive solution for laser marking of large parts. Rugged enough to be reliable, it’s completely portable and flexible.

  • Laser marking without the use of protective glasses
  • Guaranteed safety of operators and workers in the environment
  • Unique patented system certified and tested by an independent organization

Marking on all types of parts:

  • Marking heavy and bulky parts without moving them
  • Allows marking of any part geometry thanks to versatile support noses
  • Replacement for bulky and large laser stations
  • Easy and error-free reading of QR and DataMatrix codes, high resolution of text and logos

Fiber laser

Power 20W/30W

Voltage 100-240 V AC

Compressed air 3 to 6 bar

The weight of the laser head is 2.5 kg

The length of the cable between the laser head and the controller is 2.4 m