A wide range of standard labelers ensures precise label application to any specific position on your products, boxes or pallets. Labelers can easily be connected to any model of ALS 2xx or 30x series. The range includes:

  • LA-TO (Touch-On) for label application up / down / below for products with fixed and variable height. Models ALS 20x, ALS 256, ALS 306, ALX 92x and ALX 73x
  • LA-BO (Blow-On) for contactless labeling of sensitive products. Models ALS 20x, ALS 256, ALS 306, ALX 73x and ALX 92x
  • LA-SO (Swing-On) for products on the conveyor belt. Labeling from individual items to boxes with a larger number of products.

ALS 104/204/206/209/256 i novi ALS 272

This series represent robust high-performance labelers for decorative, informative and branded labels. They are used in demanding environments working continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What makes the ALS range easy to install on a new or existing product line is its integrated design, regardless of whether the label has to be applied at the top, side, around or at the bottom of your product.

Intelligent features such as limiters, pneumatic applicators, Ethernet, IP65 and much more will make ALS range your first choice when selecting a label application system.


ALS 306/309

Modular systems ALS 306 and 309, have been specially developed for the toughest labeling environments. Designed to perform and support continuous labeling using large labels and high-speed modules. Increase your productivity on production line using ALS 306 and ALS 309 high performance labelers.

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