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Compact and lightweight, with a load capacity of 3 to 18 kg and a wide range of working radius, JAKA cobots have safety and precision as a design priority. They have already helped hundreds of manufacturers to automate their production lines and increase productivity. From welding to assembly, these flexible robotic arms perform their duties 24/7.

JAKA collaborative robots can quickly master all kinds of applications, from inspection to assembly, palletizing to welding and more.

Applications that JAKA cobots perform 50,000 hours non-stop:
– assembly
– gluing and assembling
– Pick and Place
– polishing
– inspection
– painting
– maintenance of machines
– screwing
– packing
– selection after visual inspection
– palletization
– welding

Why are JAKA collaborative robots an excellent choice for automating your production plant?

Graphic programming
Intuitive graphics programming software requires no prior programming experience. Anyone can set up and customize positions and tasks with ease.

Learning through movement
Thanks to simple drag-and-drop teaching, with a six-joint design that provides high maneuverability, simply move the cobot to any position and it will instantly remember it.

No additional learning device
The JAKA app is available on tablets, smartphones and computers. Teach your cobot easily.

Remote monitoring
Monitor cobot tasks and set alerts using a unique security authentication system.

Wireless connection
No annoying wires attached! Enjoy a clean and safe space with JAKA cobots.

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