Inks and additives

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In our range you will also find all the supplies you need when coding, marking, and printing:

  • Thermochromic inks that change color indicating a change in temperature
  • Ink bottles with return bottles
  • Inks based on water and alcohol based on environmentally sensitive applications
  • Anti-diversion inks.
  • Pigment ink in applications with high contrast.
  • Inks resistant to fouling
    DOD inks:
  • Water-based inks for printing on standard cardboard boxes
  • Propanol-based for printing on coated boxes
  • Ethyl acetate-based ink for printing on transparent materials
  • Ethanol-based inks for wood printing
  • Brown inks used in the food industry
  • Water-based pigmented black ink for use on concrete
    Touch Dry Hot Melt Inks:
  • Solid color at room temperature, which is dry immediately after printing.
  • Flexible ink film for high speed packing.
  • Color variation of products with sharp barcodes on cardboard boxes
  • Inks with ingredients approved by the FDA for direct food printing
  • Specific inks for printing and at low temperatures
  • Roller inks for a wide range of flexible types of films
  • Solvent-resistant ink roller
  • Ink for printing on a shrink film
  • Heat-resistant ink rolls
    Legacy fluid ink:
  • Pharmaceutical Inks
  • Inks that are RoHS compatible
  • Heat, UV Inks
  • Inks that meet various military specifications …