Ink jet printer Markem-Imaje 9450 C

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High-performance Inkjet printer 9450 C provides cost optimization for applications on dark surfaces where contrast marking is required.

  • 20% FASTER
  • EASY to work with
  • SAVINGS of consumables and energy

High-adhesion and contrast inks help you achieve traceability to perform your own production goals. The automatic cleaning system ensures stability of the nozzle at every start. Easy cost tracking via smart monitoring system.

  • Up to 5 lines of print
  • Print speed up to 6.6 m / s
  • Maximum character height 11.2mm
  • Large selection of characters (Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)
  • 7-inch WYSIWYG touch screen
    Ideal for marking product quality (direct printing on the product itself such as egg shell using food grade ink that complies with EU and FDA regulations)


  • IP66 protection (requires additional air)
  • Ultra flexible printer head hose 6m
  • Printer head pressurization kit