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Markem Imaje inkjet printers are designed for quick and easy installation, for superior coding at competitive prices. Easy user interface for easy code generation. Compact design for easy installation anywhere in production!

9750 inkjet printer

Markem-Imaje 9750

Designed for medium and high-demand production lines, 9750 simplifies use, contributes to sustainability and improves comfort through digitization…

9330 ink jet

Markem-Imaje 9330

Ink jet 9330 is designed to deliver innovation through its ease of use. It will facilitate daily operations and save time! For small and medium enterprises. The M6′ ink module provides…


Markem-Imaje 9018

Engineered to bring you the innovation you deserve with the simplicity you require, the MarkemImaje 9018 is EASY to run! SMART in use! And READY to print!

Markem-Imaje 9410

Availability, performance and quality are your drivers. The Markem-Imaje 9410 is designed to meet your coding needs providing high quality codes while reducing TCO and ink consuming for 20%!

Markem-Imaje 9450

Simply efficient printer 9450 provides excellent performances and provides waste cost optimization. • 20% FASTER • EASY to work with • LESS consumables and energy!


Markem-Imaje 9450 C

9450 C printer is a smart and easy-to-use industrial printer designed for applications on dark surfaces where contrast marking is required…

Markem-Imaje 9450 E

For pipe, cable, tube and profile industries, 9450 E combines a revolutionary ink circuit with a new generation printhead design that will print excellent codes even on a very dark surfaces.

Print quality codes with smart and simple inkjet solutions. Our printers are easy to set up: you can install and move them around according to your needs, without worrying about it being damaged because their robust housings are made of stainless steel. An intuitive online guide to managing your encoder more efficiently. Thanks to the innovative design of the cartridge system, you will experience advanced consumables management. The consistency of quality code is provided to you with the help of a large selection of fonts, including the ability to print logos. Easily create and load your codes via a newly designed user interface and USB connection. You can count on the longevity of your Markem Imaje printer thanks to the automatic cleaning system.


Call us and tell us the details about your production needs, what you want to print on, what is the line speed, the number of lines of text you need on the product or packaging. We will offer you the best and most cost-effective solution.