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It’s time to improve traceability!
Your challenges

Looking for the true value of innovation through proven coding technology? It must be upgradeable to meet the changing demands of your customers – while still providing reliable efficiency, a high level of sustainability and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO).
The solution must be qualified by the most modern methods on the market. In this way, you ensure traceable coding on a large number of packages, supply chain visibility and easy daily operations. 9750 Ink Jet is the solution for you!

Our solutions

Our 9750 Intelli’Design® principle incorporates the best of the past, present and future, so you can easily adapt to changing market needs.
The 9750 Ink Jet is meticulously designed and qualified with state-of-the-art methods. The printer brings technological improvements that maximize uptime, reduce maintenance, and simplify day-to-day operations.

The 9750 Ink Jet delivers clear, customizable and traceable codes (including 2D and QR) that meet the growing demands of your customers for supply chain visibility.
Reduced consumption of consumables by up to 50%, together with a wide range of inks, lays the foundation for an improved environmental coding solution and reduced VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.

A wide range of MEK-free inks is available for all types of packaging, shapes and sizes, and even for high-speed applications.

Key benefits

Innovative 9750 technology attributes bring unparalleled benefits, including ease of use, sustainability and digitization. The modularity of its Intelli’Swap® technology simplifies the mechanics of interchangeable modules. You also no longer have to change entire blocks, which reduces waste and makes maintenance or repair easier.

The Intelli’Ink® system provides optimal error-free performance and flexibility in coding different packaging materials.

Jet Speed ​​Control automatically adjusts ink and printer variables to ensure drop distribution, quality and code consistency – every time. Its digital attributes, including remote diagnostics, enable predictive analysis. In this way, they help to maximize working time and achieve OEE goals. Integration into a 4.0 connected environment becomes easy thanks to a fast customizable 24-pin interface.