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Barcode printers for price or barcode labels, labels for marking goods/shipments, for marking inventory or fixed assets. Visitor ID, ribbon ID wristbands for various events, patient ID wristbands….



Carl Valentin


Industrial production
Production environments are difficult and often run in three shifts. However, if they are equipped with durable industrial thermal printers, you don’t need to worry about whether they will remain reliable and easy to maintain even in the most critical operations. To avoid the awkward situation of downtime, make your choice of industrial printer one of the award-winning industrial printers from one of the brands in our range. The brands we represent are Zebra, Sato, Honeywell, Novexx and Carl Valentin.

Food and beverage industry
Label printing solutions are essential to food safety for the restaurant, catering and foodservice industries. Food safety in restaurants is primary. The global initiative today aims to ensure freshness, eliminate errors, improve traceability and ultimately save time and money. Solutions from our renowned food labeling partners help print labels quickly and efficiently to ensure security compliant with GS1 standards.

Supply chains and warehouse operations
High-quality thermal barcode and RFID solutions from our offer enable increased security and traceability of your assets while improving productivity. These are actually the primary goals when transporting and tracking anything of value in any supply chain.

How do barcode printers work?
Printers of this type can only be based on thermal printing technology, and can support two types of printing: thermal and thermal-transfer technology (with the use of ribbons). We offer a large selection of desktop, industrial and mobile printers for different needs and printing volumes.

In addition to printers, we can offer a wide selection of ribbons and labels for all your needs. We always have most consumables in stock.