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SR-G100 series

The SR-G100 Series is capable of reading at remarkable speeds, even with hard-to-read codes. Automatic tuning is done simply by pushing the function button and reading a code. There is no need to carry around a PC while using the SR-G100. By naturally inducing a flat position, the SR-G100 reduces the impact of variations between users and code marking styles. This makes it possible for anyone to read codes consistently and stably.

HR-100 series

Thanks to a wide reading area and large reading depth, codes are easily captured at the pull of the trigger.
High-speed reading that was not available with conventional handheld readers is now possible. The HR-100 Series is built to withstand accidental drops: it can be used without fear of damage when dropped. The new wireless model of the HR-100 Series eliminates the need for challenging cable routing. The increased mobility can lead to substantial productivity improvements.